Pipe Bends in the Leisure Industry

Safety made of steel and stainless steel
Rohrbogen & -biegungen für Freizeitindustrie

Safety, special resilience of the material, extremely high-quality workmanship.

Elbows and bends needed in many places in the leisure industry. For example as barriers or visitor lines, climbing frames or in rides. Accurate workmanship and high safety are always important.


Sky Swing

Made for Line-M, Special requirements: Bent in one piece

These filigree constructions were bent from only one steel tube each for LINE-M.
These are three 13 m high and one 20 m high sky swings, which are located in the Autostadt Wolfsburg.

These sky swings are the largest free-standing and mobile swings in Europe.

Photos provided by Linie-M. You can find more photos and video at www.Linie-M.de

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