Heat Exchangers

Combined expertise for your industrial sector

A heat exchanger is an apparatus that transfers thermal energy from one material flow to another.

Colloquially, a heat exchanger is also called a heat exchanger or heat exchanger. NThe following is a list of heat exchanger formations belonging to our product portfolio:

  • Tube bundled heat exchangers with drawn u-shaped tube bundles
    (either as standing or laying)
  • Straight-tube heat exchangers/in-line heat exchangers
    (either as standing or laying)
  • Steam generators/steam converters
  • Electro-heaters
  • Exhaust gas heat exchangers
  • Insertion bundles for inserting into vessels
  • Spare tube bundles even for other manufacturers

Our heat exchangers are suitable for many different application areas:

  • Steam condensation (also with integrated super-cooling)
  • Evaporating systems
  • Heating or cooling of fluids such as water (condensate, thermic oils etc.)

Heat exchangers find use in many industrial sectors such as:

  • Power station technology
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical industries
  • District heating
  • Drinks and foodstuffs industry
  • Engineering & plant construction
  • Regenerative energy industry

Some of the metals used in fabrication:

  • Ferrous steels
  • Austenitic steels
  • Titanium
  • Non-ferrous metals (copper, copper/nickel)