New dimension in tube bending


Pipelines transport an almost unimaginable range of media through the same number of pipe systems using such as elbows and bends for air, water, steam, gas, oil or even granulates.

Typical deployment areas cover power station technology, chemical plant construction, petrochemicals as well as pipework systems and industrial plant construction..

Conveyor systems such as for granulate, filling/emptying silos, compounding plant, extruders and pneumatic post facilities are typical examples of elbow & bend applications. Pipe bends are available in all physically possible cold-forming materials. Just ask us!

Product list

Elbows for pneumatic conveying

Product list

Elbows for pneumatic tube systems



  • Standard elbows of pipe Ø 8.0mm – 219.1mm, radii acc. to your specs.

  • Elbows / bends for pipework construction for pipes up to Ø 219.1mm (8”) radii BA 3, BA 5, BA 10 and special radii.

  • Special elbows (thin-walled) pipe Ø101.1mm – 406.4mm, wall thickness 1.5 – 4.5mm, bending radius upwards from 2.5xD