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TUBE-TEC is one of the world’s leading companies in pipe forming and welding technology.
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We work with around 160 employees at the Nistertal and are one of the world's leading companies in tube forming and tube welding technology.

About us

Tailored to the individual requirements of our customers, we manufacture cylindrical coil systems, flat coils, pipe bends, pipe spools and special components for power plant technology. Our customers particularly appreciate the bundled know-how of our numerous engineers and technicians, who know the requirements of the various industries very well.

Our qualified employees ensure fast and quality-oriented production. In this way, our fields of activity sometimes produce highly complex systems and complete solutions that are used in the large-scale and petrochemical industries, the chemical equipment supply industry, the oil and gas industry, the food and pharmaceutical industries, or in power plant technology, among others.

Capacity for innovation

More than 160 qualified and motivated employees work for TUBE-TEC on a production area of more than 11,000 m2 for complete solutions in the field of pipe forming and welding technology.

Corporate policy - that's what we stand for

As a medium-sized company, we feel committed to the region and our employees. The following guidelines define our corporate policy and thus our daily actions:


We produce in an ecologically valuable region. Therefore, we reduce environmental impact by using materials and energy as sparingly as possible and by disposing of residual materials responsibly.


We ensure safe and healthy working conditions in the interest of our employees and visitors. In addition, we are valued as an employer and training company and support social projects in the region.


We are an exemplary and fair partner. Therefore, as honest business people, we pay attention to compliance with laws, official regulations and customs in business transactions. Our employees know that we do not tolerate violations of regulations.


We put the interests and wishes of our customers in the foreground. We achieve our goals through the cooperation of all qualified and committed employees, modern production facilities, defined manufacturing processes and smooth operations.


We continue to develop technologically and organizationally through economic cycles in order to always meet the expectations of the markets, customers, suppliers, employees and the region.


In our production hall, 700 m ² and 80 t lifting capacity are available for the stainless steel area. For heating surface tubes in VA and carbon steel, our tube store comprises 2,000 m each in our standard dimensions Ø 10, Ø 12, Ø 14 and Ø 18 mm, and 1,000 m in VA in the dimensions Ø 20 and Ø 25 mm.

We have our own mechanical processing in our turning and milling center, as well as digital X-ray testing in our own X-ray bunkers. 

Our locations

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Headquarters Nistertal
Administration / Production

Hirtscheider Straße 13-15
57647 Nistertal

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Bending Competence Center Sainscheid  

Siemensstraße 17
56457 Westerburg-Sainscheid

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