Bending acc. to isometrics- in all 3 dimensions

No matter whether 2 or 3 dimensional pipe bends and expansion bends- we make sure connections are safe and secure wherever they are inside a pipework system.

TUBE-TEC bending technology offers room for a whole range of applications. Perhaps the best example is a considerable reduction in the number of welds required in a system, thereby increasing safety in operation and lastly a reduction in the number of locations which have to be inspected, i.e. tested.

This scope of application is only limited by the imagination of the plant design, materials, bends and sizes of the pipes.

Product list

Elbows for pipeline construction

Product list

for Special pipe bends for industrial applications


  • Pipe bends acc. to isometric pipe ᴓ8.0mm – 219.1mm, radii acc. to your specs.

  • Pipe bends / elbows for pipework construction up to pipe ᴓ219.1mm(8”), radii BA3, BA 5, BA 10 and special radii

  • Optical 3D measurement device for measuring the pipe ᴓ on-site, thereby reducing standstill times

  • 24 h hotline for power plant repairs

  • Flexibility through own workshops