Tube laser cutting in 2D technology

The best machine technology guarantees TUBE-TEC quality.

Laserschneiden TUBE-TEC

We regularly renew our machinery and thus guarantee partially and fully automated work processes.

We know: You often want to know how it feels or fits beforehand. Technically, we are therefore able to produce sophisticated shapes, complex contours and precise templates as individual pieces or in series using the laser cutting process.

We cut steel up to a sheet thickness of 20 mm, stainless steel up to 12 mm and aluminum up to a thickness of 10 mm. Our machines are designed for sheet formats up to 3,000 x 1,500 mm.

Pipe laser cutting in 2D technology – an ingenious combination

In contrast to conventional laser cutting of metal plates, the tube laser enables 2-dimensional processing of tubes and thus opens the door to numerous new design possibilities and geometric shapes, e.g. mitre, cutting and cut-outs of various shapes on round and rectangular tubes with a maximum diagonal of 200 mm: Miter cuts, separating cuts and cut-outs of various shapes, on round and rectangular tubes with a maximum diagonal of 200 mm.

Bevel cuts up to:

  • 90° (structural steel)
  • 90° (aluminum, stainless steel)

Mindset & maximum sizes for tube & profile processing

  • from enveloping circle 20 mm
  • up to enveloping circle 200 mm
  • max. Tube length 6000 mm

Materials / material thicknesses

  • Structural steel (up to 12 mm)
  • Stainless steel (up to 6 mm)
  • Aluminum (up to 6 mm)
  • Chrome steel
  • Brass (up to 5 mm)
  • Copper (up to 5 mm)

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