CNC Milling & Drilling

Fully automated production of complex workpieces

Milling is one of the metal-cutting manufacturing processes in which workpieces of specific geometries can be produced from machinable materials.

For example, a wide variety of steel or aluminium types can be processed.

State-of-the-art CNC technology combined with the corresponding CAD programmes ensures a fully automated manufacturing process for CNC milling. This means that milled parts can be produced cost-effectively and in high quality. Due to the high production standards, CNC milling is used in particular in aviation, medical technology and the automotive industry, but also in general mechanical engineering and plant construction.

In many areas, machines are needed that cannot be found in the standard repertoire of mechanical engineering. That is why it is important in special machine construction to manufacture technical challenges with the highest quality and reliability.

Our CNC milling machine has a consistently high vertical range of manufacture and efficient production for both individual and series production. This enables us to produce even large quantities with tight shape, position and dimensional tolerances.

In addition to metals such as copper, steel, aluminium or high-strength alloys, CNC milling processes all machinable materials into high-quality workpieces..

Our modern machining centre also has a large tool store with 120 tools. This means that time-consuming set-up times can be minimised.

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