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Petrochemie - hohe Anforderungen an Werkstoffe

Demands on deployed materials and tube coil systems in the petrochemical industry are extremely high. In waste heat boilers for methanol plant, distillation columns or steam reformers refinery residue such as pitch and tar among others are gasified in accordance with the so-called Shell Process.

Shell Process. In the course of this process, our tube coil systems are exposed to incoming gas temperatures of up to 1400°C with flow speeds of 30 m / sec. as well as a pressure in the coils of 76 bar and more.

In order to withstand the high wall temperatures, generally speaking special steels such as low-alloyed carbon steels 10CrMo9-10 are deployed.

The highest of demands in welding technology are placed on these materials, their fabrication process and their testing systems: Here it is absolutely necessary that all welded seams are fully tested and the complete component is annealed in a tempering oven to reduce internal tension.

TUBE-TEC shoulders the responsibility of such excellence in production through own-welding training with their own specialised welding engineers, continual qualification and further training as specialised welding firm and fabrication specialist acc. to EN and ASME as well as further specific certifications such as CMC or SAUDIARAMCO.al tension.

This highest expansive depth of production renders to a large extent the possibility to carry out extremely effort-conscious testing on their premises with in-house personnel- without forgetting the X-ray lab.

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